Sailboat Racing

raceHarbor Sailboats’ offers a competitive and fun “One Design” sailboat racing program for Members with its fleet of 12 Capri 22’s. Build camaraderie among friends while experiencing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in this exhilarating sport. Award ceremonies and dock parties follow each race. Sign up for race clinics and get your game on!

In addition to year round Capri 22 Racing, Harbor Sailboats participates with a “club boat” offering crew positions to members in the following races:

Newport to Ensenada, San Diego to Ensenada and the Hot Rum Racing Series.

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Capri 22 Spring Race Series 2017April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, May 2rd, 9th, 16th, 23rd5:30 pm
Capri 22 Summer Race Series 2017June 6th, 13th, 20st, 27th, July 11th, 18th, 25th, August 1st5:30 pm
Capri 22 Fall Race Series 2017August 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, September 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th5:30 pm
April 5, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2TotalPlace
LimaSaylor 1342
NovemberGant1192010/11 (tied)
KiloGeyer8122010/11 (tied)
April 12, 2016
Boat Skipper Race 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total Place
IndiaVictor Gillings121151
KiloJohannes Neuendorf2372142
AlphaTom Verburgt3643163
BravoTim Saylor10164214
FoxtrotDoug Bonhaus4926215
GolfEvan Mustain7437216
LimaCharles Campbell6558247
November John Geyer57810308
EchoGordon Froehlich81095329
Hotel Clark Lindsey981093610
April 19, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total Place
FoxtrotReynolds, Simon4114101
HotelVerburgt, Tom3232102
JulietGillings, Victor2426143
EchoMattox, Matt1548184
NovemberFroehlich, Gordon9373225
IndiaNeuendorf, Johannes5765256
KiloLindsey, Clark8891267
AlphaBonhaus, Doug66510278
GolfCox, Clay 7987319
LimaMuse, Steve10101093910
April 26, 2016
Boat SkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4TotalStanding
EchoSimon Reynolds111141
GolfTom Vergburt3332112
AlphaVictor Gillings5223123
IndiaEvan Mustain4565204
BravoGuy Bahringer2748215
FoxtrotSteve Muse9854266
LimaBlair Lawson66710297
MikeDoug Bonhaus84107298
KiloMatt Mattox7986309
Hotel Clark Lindsey1010993810
NovemberDavid King111113134811
May 3, 2016
Boat SkipperRace 1 Race 2Race 3Race 4TotalPlace
EchoVictor Gillings221271
BravoTom Vergburt1136112
LimaCharles Campbell3654183
NovemberSimon Reynolds7561194
HotelGuy Bahringer4375195
MikeBlair Lawson5429206
FoxtrotGordon Froelich8743227
IndiaEvan Mustain6898318
GolfClark Lindsey9787339
May 11, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4TotalPlace
KiloSimon Reynolds114391
FoxtrotVictor Gillings3322102
EchoTom Verburgt2531113
GolfMatt Mattox4256174
HotelGuy Bahringer7615195
MikeGordon Froehlich6894276
LimaBlair Lawson54812297
NovemberJohannes Neuendorf9779328
AlphaDoug Bonhaus129610379
BravoSteve Muse10101173810
IndiaClark Lindsey8111283911
JulietSteve Muse111212114412
May 24, 2016
Boat SkipperRace 1 Race 2Race 3Total Place
BravoSimon Reynolds21141
AlphaGuy Bahringer13372
GolfTom Vergburt42283
FoxtrotVictor Gillings364134
KiloBlair Lawson856195
HotelGordon Froelich947206
IndiaGuy Bonhaus1185247
JulietSteve Muse 7108258
EchoClark Lindsey51110269
MikeMatt Mattox69112610
Lima John Geyer10792611
November Charles Campbell1212123612
Spring 2016 Race Results
PlaceNameTotal Points
1Simon Reynolds101
2Victor Gillings112
3Tom Vergburt130
4Guy Bahringer200
5Gordon Froehlich213
6Doug Bonhaus 226
7Matt Mattox239
8Clark Lindsey259
9Tim Saylor275
10Blair Lawson276
11Evan Mustain285
12Steve Muse 288
13John Geyer299
14Charles Campbell313
15Dave Christie331
16Hal Gant340
17Clay Cox345
18David King358
19Damon Hamel407
June 7, 2016
Boat SkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3TotalPlace
AlphaVictor Gillings41271
FoxtrotBlair Lawson634132
EchoGordon Froelich293143
BravoGuy Bahringer726155
IndiaClark Lindsey557176
LimaJohannes Neuendorf1161187
GolfSteve Muse975218
MikeCharles Campbell3109229
KiloJohn Geyer8882410
Boat SkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4TotalPlace
AlphaVictor Gillings125191
GolfGuy Bahringer2513112
EchoBlair Lawson4622143
BravoMatt Mattox3148164
IndiaGordon Froehlich6337195
FoxtrotClark Lindsey5474206
KiloDamon Hamel7785277
June 21, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2 TotalPlace
JulietGordon Froehlich2241
LimaSimon Reynolds1562
IndiaJohannes Neuendorf3473
BravoVictor Gillings7184
FoxtrotMatt Mattox5385
November John Geyer48126
KiloBlair Lawson86147
Alpha Jaden Neuendorf69158
HotelGuy Bahringer97169
Echo Clark Lindsey10102010
GolfCharles Campbell11112211
MikeDamon Hamel11DNF2312
June 28, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5TotalPlace
IndiaSimon Reynolds42421131
EchoMatt Mattox24318182
KiloBlair Lawson18146203
HotelGordon Froelich101262214
GolfJohannes Neuendorf55534225
NovemberJohn Geyer337107306
AlphaGuy Bahringer671053317
FoxtrotClark Lindsey86675328
Mike Charles Campbell 9109810469
LimaSteve Muse712119125110
BravoJaden Neuendorf129812115211
JulietRenee Greenberg1111121195412
July 5, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4 TotalPlace
BravoSimon Reynolds211591
FoxtrotTim Saylor7621162
IndiaVictor Gillings4273163
MikeTim Jenne6442164
HotelGordon Froehlich1738195
KiloBlair Lawson3386206
AlphaGuy Bahringer8564237
JulietJadon Neuendorf59510298
EchoClark Lindsey108107359
GolfClay Cox910993710
LimaNinh Tran1111DNFDNF4711
July 12, 2016
Boat SkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3TotalPlace
IndiaSimon Reynolds14271
FoxtrotBlair Lawson415102
KiloTim and Lynette Jenne353113
Alpha Gordon Froehlich831124
Hotel Guy Bahringer724135
JulietClark Lindsey276156
GolfTim Saylor567187
LimaCharles Campbell688228
MikeJohn Geyer9910289
November Ludovicco Verducci101092910
July 19, 2016
July 19, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3TotalPlace
FoxtrotGuy Bahringer31261
Hotel Gordon Froehlich821112
IndiaSimon Reynolds138123
KiloBlair Lawson755174
LimaJohn Geyer486185
NovemberTim Jenne567186
BravoSteve Muse2711207
Alpha Tim Saylor949228
JulietLudovico Verducci10104249
EchoClark Lindsey111132510
MikeCharles Campbell69102511
GoldMark Dioguardi1212123612
July 26, 2016
Boat SkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Total Place
BravoSimon Reynolds4312101
Echo Tim Jenne3274162
MikeKeenan Hirsh1736173
HotelGordon Froehlich71210204
FoxtrotGuy Bahringer8491225
India Matt Mattox5557226
KiloJohn Geyer26411237
GolfClark Lindsey6985288
AlphaBlair Lawson9868319
NovemberCharles Campbell10101033310
JulietSteve Muse 11111194211
Lima Mark Dioguardi121212124812
August 9, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2 Race 3Total Place
FoxtrotVictor Gillings14161
HotelGordon Froehlich21362
AlphaGuy Bahringer42283
Golf Matt Mattox884204
KiloCharles Campbell3125205
NovemberJohn Geyer6312216
BravoSimon Reynolds 1076237
Echo Clark Lindsey968238
India Ludovico Verducci7107249
Mike Johannes Neuendorf59112510
LimaBlair Lawson125102711
JulietSteve Muse111193112
August 16, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4TotalPlace
JulietSimon Reynolds111251
Echo Mark Dioguardi5441142
HotelGordon Froehlich3364163
KiloBlair Lawson2275164
AlphaClark Lindsey4557215
LimaSteve Muse61033226
GolfTim Saylor8628247
FoxtrotHal Gant78810268
MikeCharles Campbell9999369
November John Geyer10111063710
August 23, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3TotalPlace
GolfSimon Reynolds24171
HotelGordon Froehlich31372
Alpha Steve Muse734143
JulietMatt Mattox656174
LimaJohn Geyer829195
EchoClark Lindsey1082206
KiloBlair Lawson4115207
MikeMark Dioguardi578208
BravoHal Gant7611269
FoxtrotDamon Hamel11972710
India Hirsh113132711
September 6, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3Total Place
JulietSimon Reynolds42282
Alpha Johannes Neuendorf714123
LimaSteve Muse545144
EchoTim Saylor367165
BravoClark Lindsey836176
FoxtrotEric Levi973197
India Gordon Froehlich289198
November John Geyer698239
September 13, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2Race 3TotalPlace
LimaGordon Froehlich32271
GolfSimon Reynolds14492
EchoTim Saylor461113
BravoSteve Muse515114
FoxtrotMark Dioguardi276155
MikeBlair Lawson693186
AlphaJohn Geyer1038217
JulietClark Lindsey787228
NovemberCharles Campbell8510239
India Eric Levi91092810
September 27, 2016
BoatSkipperRace 1Race 2TotalPlace
IndiaSimon Reynolds3255
KiloJohn Geyer5162
November Gordon Froehlich73104
Alpha Clark Lindsey 64105
EchoBlair Lawson28106
Golf Mark Dioguardi47117
BravoSteve Muse 85138
Foxtrot Kevin McCormick99169



Flying Tiger 7.5 Racing

Sign up to Crew

The Members Only Forum allows the opportunity to post a notice or contact other members in regards to “looking for crew.” This is the most effective way to increase on-the-water time at all levels and a great way to meet other sailors.

Hire a Racing Coach

Private coaching is available to improve overall racing performance on a Capri 22.

Bring one of Harbor Sailboats’ coaches onboard to practice and work with you and your crew to fine tune your performance. Our coaches will help you make significant improvements in boat speed and teamwork. ($100 per race paid direct to Coach). Reserve for an actual Tuesday night race with your crew.

Spring Beginners Racing Clinic

Join us the week before the start of the first racing series for our spring racing clinic. Designed for beginners or those who need to freshen up, this clinic will cover everything you need to know to get to the starting line week 1 with confidence.