Why Get ASA Certifications

asacolorHarbor Sailboats offers a full range of American Sailing Association (ASA) classes and certifications. These ASA certified classes are approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and the U. S. Coast Guard as a recognized safe boating course. ASA sailing certification not only meets all requirements for mandatory education and licensing for every state in the United States but is also recognized by many national and international authorities, charter operators and insurance companies.

Sail with Confidence

CheckOutAs part of the American Sailing Association family, we are dedicated to promoting safe recreational sailing approved every year and winner of the “ASA School of the Year” award by the American Sailing Association (ASA); Harbor Sailboats offers sailing instruction for the beginner through advanced sailor year round. As boaters take to the water with Harbor Sailboats our instructors will set the course for a lifetime of safe, fun cruising.

Why Get Certified?

  1. ASA certification is recognized by sailing professionals and charter companies worldwide. When chartering a boat or yacht, certification allows charter companies like Harbor Sailboats and others around the world to “know what you know”. It’s like having a driver’s license and is often a requirement for making a reservation.
  2. ASA certification ensures that our school, instructors and curriculum comply with an established and comprehensive program.
  3. Insurance companies recognize certification and often allow for discounts when purchasing a boat or yacht.
  4. Certification provides a tangible means of representing skill level when chartering and checking onto a boat or yacht.

Train with Professional Instructors

AndrewWrapWe strive to employ highly qualified, dedicated and professional instructors. Harbor Sailboats instructors are U.S. Coast Guard licensed and ASA certified professionals. Each instructor has been thoroughly screened for outstanding communication and seamanship skills. You will find our instructors to be patient, caring guides who will share your enthusiasm and excitement about sailing and each new skill mastered. Upon completion of each class, students are asked to complete an evaluation to assist Harbor Sailboats in modifying and improving all classes and instructors.

Receive Personal Attention

Classes are limited to four and five students with one instructor per boat. Students learn in a supportive environment with others of equal ability. Reading materials and homework are provided in preparation for each class.

Ideal Learning Conditions

Steady wind with speeds averaging 10 knots, an average temperature of 70 degrees and the flat protected waters of the San Diego Bay make an ideal environment for learning to sail year round.

Maximum “on the water time”

Eighty-five percent of all class time is on-the-water training. Classes are designed and adhere to the ASA Standard to ensure becoming truly proficient at each level of certification.

International Proficiency Certificate European/Mediterranean Chartering

Planning a sailing trip abroad? Have strong sailing skills but never got certified? This certificate is useful when chartering in European/Mediterranean waters.  It serves as proof of bareboat charter competency for Mediterranean chartering companies, many of which require the proficiency information displayed in a different format  than the ASA Log Book. Is it required for chartering?  If so, where? Kiriakoulis Charters accepts this certificate throughout its 300+ location charter network in the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy, Croatia, France, Turkey and the Caribbean) as adequate proof of bareboat skipper proficiency.  This document is not required per se by government agencies in these countries, but greatly helps in streamlining the paperwork.  As countries differ in their requirements, travelers should always check with their destination prior to attempting to charter. Call our office directly at 619-291-9568 for more information; current Sailing resume required for all programs.