Harbor Sailboats and Academy Yacht Sales are offering a very attractive charter placement program for the new Beneteau Oceanis 31 “Open”.

Upon purchase of their yacht, participants will enjoy usage while receiving a monthly lease payment from Harbor Sailboats for an amount slightly greater than the mortgage payment. Additionally, Harbor Sailboats will cover all operating costs such as slip fees, insurance and maintenance. In other words, Harbor Sailboats pays everything! The only cost of ownership during this program is a down payment to a lender and any taxes/fees. Participating yacht owners may also receive substantial tax benefits and the peace of mind that their new yacht is in the hands of a professional.

To learn more about the yacht and the program contact Beneteau Business Expert Keenan Hirsh. Cell- 619-417-3303 or email keenan@harborsailboats.com

Fully Equipped, Charter Ready- $167,246

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