Whether you are a seasoned sailor with decades of experience or a novice just starting your sailing journey, the same hurdles seem to stand in the way when it comes to desired sea time. In the wake of busy personal and professional lives, finding the time, resources and necessary crew sometimes seems like an impossible feat. You could Join a premier sailing club. This strategy helps you sail around those hurdles with ease and gets you on the water as much as you desire! Here’s why:

  1. Relevant Training – Finding a club with training tailored to your specific skill level will open up a world of possibilities by eliminating the “But I don’t know how!” and the “But I’m not certified!” It is important as a sailor to have a strong combination of both certifications and experience. By joining a sailing club with a structured sailing curriculum like ASA, you can check both structured training and time on the water off your list!
  2. Sailing on Demand – A club that provides individualized training is important, but a club that offers both training and a wide variety of well-maintained yachts is essential. Premier sailing clubs offer year-round access to sailboats and give you, the member, more opportunities to get out on the water in your own time. A sailing club gives you the flexibility to book a sail months in advance or just a few minutes before hitting the water
  3. Affordability – Probably the most logical reason for joining a premier sailing club is to enjoy the perks of sailing brand new yachts for pennies on the dollar compared to buying and owning yourself. You can charter a new Beneteau a couple times a month for less money than the slip rent and maintenance would cost a boat owner. This brings up an important aspect of choosing a club; shop around! Tour all the fleets, meet staff members and instructors, and check out the products being offered first hand to really get a good grasp on what you are paying for. Remember, you get what you pay for so do your homework and ask questions. Ask to talk to current members too.
  4. Connection! Connection! Connection! – Being a member of a club gets you exclusive access to what that club offers, including other members! For instance at Harbor Sailboats, we have a “Members Only” forum that can be used for crew sharing opportunities, meet and greets, and much more and is only available to our members. Not to mention, club staff is always willing and ready to assist with a simple phone call or email. Not being able to find crew is a problem of the past!
  5. Tailored plans for Future Endeavors – What are your ultimate sailing goals? Do you dream of chartering in the British Virgin Islands? Do you see yourself owning a yacht one day? As a member of a sailing club, staff can work with you achieve your desired sailing goals. Harbor Sailboats for example holds club sponsored flotillas and in-house ownership opportunities in order to foster and support our members’ sailing dreams.


So what are you waiting for? Join a sailing club!