March 31, 2020
To: The Members, Boat Owners and Crew of Harbor Sailboats and SailTime San Diego
From: Tom Hirsh, President
Dear All,
I have worked for, with, and on behalf of Harbor Sailboats since I was a young man of 24. Now 41 years later, I am much better suited for sailing offshore into the sunset than running a sailing club, yet surprisingly, I find myself reefed down, hove-to, riding out the biggest storm of my lifetime. The good news is our ship is sound, the crew is safe, and improving weather conditions are a certainty.
First let me thank-you all for your continued support and concern. To our members for your overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to our many temporary policy modifications, to our participating boat owners for entrusting your significant assets to our care and to the many loyal employees who have remained committed to the Harbor Sailboats goal of continual improvement, both professionally and personally.
Please Know That,
We have made the determination to retain and continue to pay ALL Harbor Sailboats employees through the duration. When we do reopen, it will be at full strength with the exceptional service that you have come to expect. We couldn’t have done this without you remaining on board with us. Thank-you all.
Our financial condition is strong and though we are keen to reopen, we will not do so without complete confidence that you will remain safe. Those of you that have been with us for a while will know that safety has always been, and will remain, our primary concern. We were early to reef, and we will be late to shake it out. This is not a race.
Opening Day 2020?
As a sailor does, we always look ahead attempting to foresee future conditions. Currently, our best-case forecast for Opening Day is May, worst case is July. The only thing we know for sure is that it will be one heck of a party this year. We will have a soft opening for member only charters with classes beginning a week or two behind.
A wait list for members seeking group instruction has been established and members with previously scheduled classes that have been delayed are wait listed by priority of their initial class date. We have a large group of instructors ready to roll and will hold as many classes as possible until the backlog subsides.
Our phones are monitored daily for messages but the best way to contact us remains emailing
I leave you with a favorite quote by Louisa May Alcott
“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship”
Kyle and Tom
Harbor Island West Marina Deck
Kyle, Keenan, and Kevin
Capri 22 Dock
Keenan, Torri, Tom, Kyle, Steve, Rob, Jonathan, Erica
HS Christmas Party

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