Capri 22 Fall Race Results









Congratulations to Victor Gillings, overall winner of the entire 2013 Capri 22 Racing Program and 1st place winner in the Fall Capri 22 Racing Series! Blair Lawson and family came in 2nd and team Mattox/Saylor in 3rd. Thank you to all the Capri 22 racers who participated in the 2013 Harbor Sailboats Racing Program. Stay tuned for more race dates!

2014 Beneteau 37 It’s Here!





Oceanis 37 Limited Edition

Handsome and well thought-out, the Oceanis 37 follows in the footsteps of her bigger sisters. Her contemporary interior is by Nauta Design and her sleek energetic lines by the Finot Conq Group. Currently at the boat yard and available for charter at Harbor Sailboats in the very near future.


Adventure San Diego

1-30-8 CD 011




Sailing San Diego/Adventure San Diego


Here is an amazing review from our friends at Adventure San Diego.

Advanced Coastal Cruising Graduates

Congratulations to club members Konrad Sosnow, John Tanaka, Bruce Marley and Ted Gilstrap for completing Advanced Coastal Cruising 4-day adventure class to Catalina.ADCC_1 Read More

Sailing San Diego Video on Beneteau 32

Club Member Scott Smith produced this video clip on You Tube; see San Diego sailing at it’s finest from the cockpit of Sin Nombre, Beneteau 32 at Harbor Sailboats in San Diego!

USCG Safety Check

uscgauxAuxillery 4-27-13

Harbor Sailboats entire fleet was approved April 2013 by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary; Vessel Safety, Check!

ASA Basic Keelboat 101 New Member Graduation Special

Free ½ day Capri 22

9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm (up to $75 value)

Must be within (2) weeks of passing the Basic Keelboat class

(1) per Family Membership


Capri 22 Mid-Week Flex Sail

  • Monday- Thursday
  • Any 4-hours between 9AM & 5PM
  • Mid-week rates apply


Evening Standby – 40% Off

  • Call after 12pm the day of charter to reserve any boat 31′-45′, subject to availability
  • Receive a 40% discount off daily boat rate
  • Sail from 3pm-10pm
  • Must be”vessel current”
  • Return to dock and disembark boat by 10pm


Weekender – Free Fridays

  • Reserve any 31′- 45′ boat Saturday and Sunday
  • Board Friday after *3pm before 4pm at no additional charge
  • Return to dock and disembark boat Sunday by 5pm
  • San Diego departures only


Early Board – 40% Off

  • Reserve any 31′- 45′ boat for (3) or more consecutive days
  • Board by *3pm the day before a (3) or more day charter, and receive a 40% discount off the boat rate for that day (3pm arrival).
  • San Diego departures only


Long Vacation – Free Days

  • Reserve any 31′- 45′ boat for (7) consecutive days-  pay for (6)
  • Reserve any 31′- 45′ boat for (10) consecutive days- pay for (8)