Bareboat Chartering 104

The Bareboat Chartering graduate will have successfully demonstrated the ability to skipper and crew an inboard auxiliary powered cruising sailboat up to 51’ within sight of land and bring it safely to anchor during daylight hours. Most charter companies require this bareboat charter certification for you to rent a boat from them.


In preparation for class, students are asked to complete reading and homework assignments from the Cruising Fundamentals textbook. Bareboat Chartering is a 2- day overnight live aboard, on-the-water class.

Upon arriving, the instructor will review homework and make sure that all students are on the same page. Three to five students and one instructor will spend 95% of all class time on a Beneteau 38′ or larger yacht.

This class is for students wishing to charter boats for multiple days and prepares sailors for living aboard by learning about larger, heavier boats with more complex mechanical and electronic boat systems and equipment packages.

The instructor will assign provisioning responsibilities to all students ahead of time for all meals. By noon on day one, students will depart for Mission Bay, anchor and overnight onboard. The previously mentioned homework is great preparation for the written exam which will occur the morning of day two. Upon successful completion, students will be certified to skipper up to 51′.

Class Covers

Large boat handling and seamanship, trip planning, packing and provisioning, meal preparation and sleeping aboard, maintenance procedures, passage making and standing watches, basic coastal navigation using dead reckoning and taking a fix, speed, time and distance calculations, making landfall, and mooring and anchoring.

The class also covers fresh water, fuel, sewage, and electrical systems; through-hulls, entry into foreign ports, and finally diesel engine maintenance & troubleshooting.

Class Textbook

Bareboat Cruising Made Easy


Basic Keelboat and Coastal Cruising, as well as ample experience as skipper on boats 28′-37′. (4-6 sails on various boats 28′-37′ as skipper of record)

  • Member Fee: $595 Plus Port Fee
  • Certification Package: $65

Class Schedule