The phrase “Clean Bill of Health” comes from the 17th century when port authorities would confirm none of a ship’s crew were suffering from a contagious disease and the ships port of departure was not know to have any contagions present. If this was not the case, the ship would be issued a “Foul Bill of Health” and be forced to quarantine under “Yellow Jack”, a solid yellow flag indicating quarantine.
Today, the solid yellow flag (Signal Flag Quebec) indicates a ship is free of disease and is requesting free pratique (permission to enter) and inspection by customs and immigration. A ship flying a yellow and black checkered flag (Signal Flag Lima) is known to have health concerns aboard and is either quarantined or warning other ships to stay away.
The club is happy to report a Clean Bill of Health and continues to offer you much needed outdoor fun in the sun and breeze! We are continuing are rigorous cleaning and disinfecting practices, curb side pick up of ships reports and dock keys, temperature screening for students and skippered charter guest, and the requiring of face covering when in the marina and on the dock.
We hope to see you soon!