Coastal Navigation 105

Coastal Navigation 105

The ASA 105 Coastal Navigation graduate will have demonstrated the art of traditional navigation techniques and the ability to integrate electronic navigation tools into the navigation plan.


This home study class offers a comprehensive overview of all forms of navigation, excluding celestial navigation.

The goal of this course is to demonstrate and consistently apply the navigational theory required to safely navigate sailing vessels in coastal or inland waters.

In preparation for the exam, students are asked to complete reading and homework assignments from the Coastal Navigation and Piloting textbook. There is no sailing skills component to this ASA standard; practical application of this sailing knowledge is offered in the ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Class.

Home Study Covers

Chart reading, dead reckoning, taking bearings, plotting techniques, tides and currents, set and drift calculations, compass steering, navigation rules and aides, and electronic navigational equipment. Learn at your own pace and test when you’re ready; ask about our 2-hour tutor session.

Class Textbook

Coastal Navigation & Piloting


While no formal prerequisites are required of ASA 105, it’s strongly recommended that students have completed ASA 104 prior to ASA 105


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  • Class Materials – $128 
  • Tutoring Fee – $50 per hour 


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