After a recent bought of house cleaning, it has been recommended that my sail boat books have not been used for a long time.  While I could donate them to the SD library, giving sailors a chance make more sense to this old sailor.

Most of them are classic reference manuals or advanced learning for sailors interested in becoming more proficient.

Here is a list of the books.   If you see something that interests you, just give me a reply.

Chapman / Piloting   “Seamanship & Small Boat Handling  (the gold standard reference)

Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia  by  Linda and  Steve Dashew

Learn to Sail  by Dennis Conner

Advanced Racing Tactics by Stuart Walker

A Manual of Sail Trim  by Stuart Walker

Sailing Fundamentals  by Gary Jobson

Performance Racing Tactics by Bill Gladstone  (North U series)

Racing Trim  by Bill Gladstone  (North U series)






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