What is an International Proficiency Certificate and how do i get it?

Most Mediterranean and European charter companies require an international proficiency certificate in order to prove a skippers abilities before a Bareboat charter. If you’ve taken your American Sailing Association classes up to Bareboat Cruising you simply fill out an application through the ASA and provide a passport photo. But what if you don’t have ASA certification but have the skills and experienced that is otherwise taught in the ASA program? Well, you have to take ASA 101, 103, and 104 before applying for the International Proficiency Certificate…

“That’s a lot and time and money!!! There has to be another way!!!”

At Harbor Sailboats we offer a 1 day International Proficiency Certificate Challenge for highly qualified sailors to expedite this process.

This unique process is designed for lifelong sailors who regularly charter or own, who hold no ASA certifications, and are now being required to present the American Sailing Association’s International Proficiency Certificate. Highly qualified applicants will spend 1 full day on the water with an ASA instructor (9am-5pm). The sailor’s skills will be tested on a 41’ or larger sailboat with test material including but not limited to boat systems, navigation, boat handling, troubleshooting, safety procedures, anchoring, and knots; all in accordance with ASA 104 Bareboat Chartering standards. After successfully completing the on the water skills assessment, the sailor will then take the ASA 104 written exam. After successfully completing the written exam, the sailor can then apply for the International Proficiency Certificate directly on the ASA’s website to complete the process

Contact us to learn about pricing and prerequisites.

Please Note The Following:

  1. Resume must qualify and be presented 2 weeks ahead of testing date
  2. The sailor must understand the IPC FastTrack is Pass/Fail and nonrefundable.
  3. Testing is to take place on a Weekday Only.