In case you haven’t heard, the new 2019 Capri 22’s are available for rental! The boats are very similar to previous generations but there are some subtle differences…

There is now a permanent topping lift made of braided spectra. These are tied from the top of the mast to the end of the boom and will remain in place when sailing. This is an extra safety feature to keep the boom off of the deck when the mainsail is accidentally or prematurely lowered. The wire topping lift still remains- this will need to be released when sailing.
The reefing system has been simplified with one single line leading to a cam cleat under the goose-neck. In the rare occurrence of needing to reef underway (we try to always do it at the dock when the forecast dictates), the process can be done completely from the cockpit. We are still always here to assist in reefing on windier days.

The ship’s report is now two pages. The first page will be collected by the dock master before your departure and the second page will be turned into the office after sailing. Please THOROUGHLY inspect for damage. Any unreported damage will be assumed new upon your return.

The companionway bin boards need to be secured when sailing. Please do not simply “throw” the board in the boat as they could tear the seat cushions as the boat moves and heals underway. The best place to store the board is underneath the cushion.

All boats are equipped with self-tailing winches.

A few other reminders:
Never land on the facedock without first identifying the dockmaster and making sure he is ready for you. If another boat is attempting to land in front of you, make sure they safely tie up before making your attempt. There should never be a “train” of boats landing at the same time. You will never need to send a crew member forward, please keep everyone in the cockpit- the dockmaster will “catch” your boat and tie you up.

Docking anywhere besides the designated Harbor Sailboats face dock is not allowed.

When pulling the outboard start cord, always pull straight as opposed to at an angle. An angled cord will cause damage to the cord. The outboard engines carry 30-45 minutes of fuel. With that said, use them only when you need them, no joy riding because you might actually need the fuel at a later time.

If the Porto-Potties are used, they must be cleaned and emptied. Ask the dockmaster for specifics on this process. A fee will apply if found not emptied.

The navigation limit is no further south of the Coronado Bridge and no further south than Ballast Point.

The max boat capacity is 5. No pets are allowed. Children 12 and under must wear a lifejacket at all times- including on the docks. A 13 year old is not required by law to wear a pfd but it is highly recommended.

Enjoy the new Boats!

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