Here is a very rare charter placement opportunity where the club pays all expenses for three years! 
If you have been on the docks the last couple weeks, you’ve likely seen the new Oceanis 31 proudly displayed on the 500 dock. This boat has been inventoried for sale under the very rare guarantee program and it just got better with HS paying the sales tax!*
*7.75% less list price of $176,805
Under the guarantee program, the boat is privately owned by someone like you and chartered to qualified members of the club. Unique to charter ownership, the program will pay the slip rent, insurance, maintenance, and pay the mortgage for the first 3 years! This adds up to a savings of about $75,000 over three years while the boat is professionally maintained and managed.
The owner will enjoy 42 days of reserved usage per year and unlimited usage when booking inside of 24 hours. This adds up to an unbelievable amount of time on the water for pennies compared to private ownership!
After three years the owner will have several options like selling, removing from charter, upgrading to a larger boat, or continuing to charter under the default revenue sharing program. This is where the owners now receives 50% of the revenue but the monthly cost are the responsibility of the owner.
Some owners may find Section 179 of the federal tax code to be extremely beneficial once they make the purchase and place the boat into service. We require you consult your tax professional but many HS owners have structured their boat as a business and have used Section 179 to help offset the cost with a large federal tax refund.
Get in touch for all the details!