The boats shore power cord is vital to keeping the batteries charged and enjoying some of the electrical features that are not available while away from the dock. For example, most recreational sailboats don’t have a generator so the ships outlets, microwave, electric water heater, etc. will not function unless the boat is plugged into the docks 110v shore power system.

When you charter a sailboat with Harbor Sailboats, you may find that the AC shore power cord has already been disconnected prior to your arrival, but there may also be instances where the cord may still be connected. Let’s go through the proper steps in connecting, checking, and re-connecting the boat’s power cord properly and safely…


First, turn off the boat’s AC breaker, the light on the panel should turn off. Next, turn off the breaker at the dock, the switch should be in the down position at Harbor Island West Marina. Now unplug the cord from the dock box and coil the cord as you walk back to the boat. The last step is to unplug the other end of the cord from the boat and place it in the cockpit locker. Go Sailing!

When chartering with Harbor Sailboats, there is no need to plug the boat back in upon arrival, only plug in if you desire the extra power mentioned above.


ALWAYS plug the power cord into the boat first. Walk the cord to the dock box and make absolutely sure the breaker is in the off position. Plug in the power cord to the dock box receptacle and walk back to the boat and turn on the AC breaker (the light should illuminate). When turning on the battery charger it’s a good idea to see that the voltage increases to verify its functionality (~13-14 volts).

All sounds pretty easy right? The main idea is to never handle the cord while it’s hot (ie. power running through it). Avoid setting up unnecessary tripping hazards, keep the cord out of the water, and always inspect the cord for damage. Follow these simple steps and everyone is happy!