Sailing Lessons in San Diego

Aspiring sailors have many choices when researching sailing lessons. From coast to coast you’ll find many accredited sailing schools but why are sailing lessons in San Diego so much better!? Here are just a few reasons why learning to sail in San Diego should be your top choice.

San Diego Bay offers 22 square miles of protected and predictable sailing and is the perfect location for learning to sail. With prevailing winds that can be forecasted days, if not weeks in advance, new sailors will find comfort in this mild yet fun waterway!

San Diego weather is no secret with an average of 275 days of sunny to partly cloudy days per year and an average annual temperature near 70 degrees. Rarely do students bundle up or grab their raincoats for sailing lessons in San Diego. More than likely, you’ll be in shorts and a T-shirt during your sailing class in San Diego with Harbor Sailboats!

Sailing lessons are of course focused on the sailing but taking a sailing class is San Diego is about more than just the instruction. The San Diego bayfront is a beautiful sight with skyscrapers, naval activity from aircraft carriers to helicopters, Coronado Island, marine life, maritime museums, Americas Cup boats, and so much more. When your sailing class allows time to relax and soak it in, San Diego Bay is tough to beat!

Not all of your sailing classes in San Diego are confided to the bay as more advanced classes will stretch your sea legs into the Pacific Ocean. A 4 mile sail from the docks of Harbor Sailboats will lead out of the channel past Point Loma and into the ocean! Experience stronger wind, more open water, ocean swell, and an uninterrupted view of the horizon as far as you can see!

Harbor Sailboats offers year-round sailing lessons in San Diego aboard our fleet a 45+ meticulously maintained sailboats from top brands like Beneteau and Catalina. New sailors first sailing lesson begins with Basic Keelboat where you’ll learn the skills and confidence to skipper 22’ boats in familiar waters. From there, sailors will advance their skills with sailboats rentals and higher level sailing lessons via the benefits of the sailing club membership. Step aboard and we hope to see you on the water soon!

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