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Sailing Lessons in San Diego

Crafting Lifelong Sailors Since 1969

Harbor Sailboats is San Diego’s leading sailing school offering beginner through advanced sailing lessons, sailing classes and ASA Certifications. Since 1969, Harbor Sailboats has perfected our curriculum to ensure maximum time on the water that will deliver the skills and confidence necessary to enjoy this amazing lifestyle.

San Diego Sailing Lessons

Sailing lessons in San Diego start with Harbor Sailboats and our team of professional sailing instructors aboard the newest and most well maintained fleet of sailboats in Southern California. Year round, Harbor Sailboats offers basic sailing lessons to advanced sailing lessons every weekend on the beautiful and protected San Diego Bay.

Harbor Sailboats sailing lessons being with a text book and proprietary study guide that’s picked up or mailed to the student ahead of the lessons. On the day of class, students will be organized with their sailing instructors to being a short classroom review of the study material, layout of the class and expectation, and then head to the boat where we spend 80% of the class time on the water! 

Come aboard with Harbor Sailboats and our award winning sailing lessons to make the dream of sailing a reality! 

How To Get Started!

Join the sailing club and pick the next available weekend Basic Keelboat Sailing Class (included with your membership). Upon joining, you will be provided your official textbook, logbook, and our proprietary study guide to prepare for your upcoming sailing lesson. After completing Basic Keelboat, members will have the skills, confidence, and certification to skipper small keelboats within San Diego Bay.

Next, you will build your skills while enjoying morning, afternoon, or full day rentals of 22′ sailboats until you have reached the minimum sea time necessary to enroll in the next level sailing class, Coastal Cruising. From there, you can continue to build skills and confidence throughout the upper range of rentals and sailing lessons accessed as a member of the club.

Harbor Sailboats prides itself on having the most professional and experienced sailing instructors teaching aboard the newest fleet of boats in Southern California. We look forward to building the foundation of your sailing career!

Sailing Lessons

Courses Offered

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ASA 101 Basic Keelboat
certifies up to 22′

ASA 103 Coastal Cruising
certifies up to 37′

ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising
certifies up to 51′

ASA 105 Coastal Navigation
home study that allows passage north of Mission Bay

ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising
advanced passage making

Private Instruction

Have a tough schedule or very particular goals? Harbor Sailboats can tailor private sailing lessons or sailing classes in San Diego to meet your specific needs and goals. Sailing lessons are available aboard any boat in the Harbor Sailboats fleet 22’-51’ mid-week or weekend.


Class Structure

On the morning of class, please check in with the club between 8:30am and 9am, all sailing classes start promptly at 9am. Students should bring homework, class textbook, and ASA logbook. All sailing classes run rain or shine so please check the forecast prior to arriving at the club.

What to Wear

While shorts and a t-shirt will suffice, pack a backpack with the following as it can be chilly on the water (bags can be stowed onboard): jacket, long pants, a sweatshirt or wind breaker, a bottle of water, sneakers or light soled shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

What to Expect

Plan on spending five to six hours per day on the water. Each morning is spent in a classroom setting but we are firm believers that being a competent sailor depends on real world experience, so we will hasten to wrap up the talking early so that we can go SAILING!