Sailing Resume

The skipper of a Bareboat Charter accepts many responsibilities; the most important is the safety of the crew and vessel. Harbor Sailboats must confirm the capabilities of the bareboat charterer on paper and on the water.

Charterer should have recent and appropriate experience as skipper of vessels in the same size and class as the proposed charter. For the purpose of this resume, the skipper of the vessel is defined as the person solely responsible for the complete operation and command of the vessel. This is likely to have only taken place if you were either the owner of the vessel, or the contracted charterer.

Harbor Sailboats reserves the right to require an on-site qualification demonstration and to place a USCG Licensed Master aboard the vessel at the charterer’s expense if deemed necessary.

Please download the resume below, fill it out with as much detail as possible and email it to, as it will be used to determine your qualification level.

Please download this form as a .pdf and send it to us as an attachment.

Incomplete resumes will not be considered, please fill in all details.